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I offer custom luxury travel planning services. I will work to tailor your vacation to meet your luxury travel goals, but still keep it authentic. I will design a special vacation from scratch and do all the research, preparation, confirmation of your bookings, and customization of your itinerary. This could include arranging flights, hotel, rental car, excursions, dinner reservations - you name it! I am there for you from start to finish.

Let's get away

Stress-free luxury travel planning and personalized itineraries.

Let me take the "work" out of trip planning. I take the time you don’t have and the worry off your shoulders. Where the only thing you need to do is sit back, relax, and ESCAPE, rather than stress over the details.

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Custom Travel Planning

Starting at $300

This is an upfront, non-refundable fee that covers my luxury travel planning services. It means you can confidently trust in me to take care of all the details in designing a one-of-a-kind vacation curated for you. 

This includes trip research, any pre-travel preparation, presenting options and custom proposals/quotes, booking the components of your trip (hotels, transfers, train tickets, private excursions, dinners, etc.), offering optional travel insurance, and creating a unique itinerary that fits your travel needs.

And most importantly, having me by your side to guide you through the planning process. I’m here for you every single step of the way! Here's a summary of what I offer.

• Trip research and preparation.

• Presenting options and proposals/quotes.

• Booking and confirming the components of your trip.

• A custom ITINERARY  

• Access to itinerary through mobile app and/or print option.

•VIP Perks and BENEFITS (This Could include Complimentary room Upgrades, Resort credits, daily Breakfast, and more!)

• A SEAMLESS TRIP Experience and A HUMAN being who has your back! 

Let's get planning

• Trip research and preparation.

• Presenting options and proposals/quotes.

• Booking and confirming the components of your trip.

• A custom-built itinerary.

• Access to itinerary through mobile app and/or print option.

•VIP Perks And BENEFITS (This Could Include Complimentary Room Upgrades, Resort Credits, Daily Breakfast, And More!)

• A person who has your back and wants your vacation to be as seamless as possible.

Once again Abby blew us away! Our trip to Thailand was not only my favorite trip I have ever taken but also the easiest. Every little detail was planned and executed flawlessly. She partnered with an amazing agency in Asia that took care of us our entire trip. Our guides were knowledgeable, personable, and tireless. They truly cared about the experience we had in Thailand. The excursions were diverse and personalized to our tastes. Private speedboat to Phi Phi Islands? No problem! Need to reschedule dinner reservations last minute? Abby’s on it. Hotel resorts that are luxurious with excellent service? It’s her specialty. The trip being planned to perfection isn’t the only thing that makes Abby an excellent travel advisor. She’s attentive to your needs while you’re abroad. She takes pride in her trips and works tirelessly so you can relax and experience the best vacation stress-free!

Katie & Josh - Thailand 

Abby made our honeymoon to Santorini, Greece seamless! Every aspect of the trip was a breeze, and we were able to just enjoy our time together. Abby took over the normally time consuming part of trip planning so we could focus on our wedding. We trusted her recommendations to make our honeymoon perfect. Her hotel recommendation was incredible, the definition of luxury! All of the restaurant recommendations were amazing, and the excursions were so much fun and exactly what we were looking for. The comprehensive itinerary that she put together included everything from departure to the return home. If you decide to use Abby for your next vacation, you’re guaranteed a luxurious and worry-free vacation. We can’t wait to use her for our next trip and have already recommended her to our family and friends!

Ellie & Chris - Greece Honeymoon

Abby recently planned a trip to Germany for me and my husband. I am a relatively experienced traveller and will attest to the fact that having Abby plan my trip made traveling that much more enjoyable. I could not have picked the hotels she picked for our stay on my own, her expertise in where to stay is invaluable!! The trip was total luxury and all I had to do was get on and off the airplane! The vendors recommended by Abby (chauffeur service, trip guides) all went above and beyond to ensure our trip was excellent and that we were being well cared for. Absolute luxury and stress free!!! The app she uses to load the trip itinerary is incredibly helpful. I used this app throughout the whole trip and it was an easy place for me to find all confirmation numbers and store other helpful guides such as a tipping guide.

Hands down the best trip I've taken, will be reaching out to Abby for future adventures!!!

ANa & Jeff - GERMANY 

Review our FAQs

How does your process work?

First, I email an inquiry form, so I can get more details from you and have a better idea of your travel goals/needs. From there, if we are a good fit, we will chat more about my services and my planning fee. Once I receive my planning fee and travel contract from you, then it’s time to get started planning your trip! 

Are there types of vacations or things you won’t do?

While I look out for my clients' best interests, if you are set on booking an Airbnb type of accommodation or VRBO, I am not the best fit for you. I cannot vet these properties, and they do not work with travel advisors. 

Budget vacations or finding a “deal” is simply not what I do or am about. I curate luxury experiences and am not in the “deal finding” business. While I look out for my clients best interests and compare pricing to get the best value on their vacation, if you are only looking for a deal, then I’m 100% not for you.

What can a travel advisor do for me that I can’t do myself online?

SO MANY REASONS! My services are custom, personalized, and come without the stress and time you will spend fretting over what to book online. Which means you are working with a human being who not only cares about the quality of your vacation, but understands your travel goals/needs. Your vacation will have those personal touches and special elements that booking something online won’t provide you. I guide you every step of the way. You don’t need to worry about dinner reservations or finding excursions, etc. I will take care of all those details. I vet my properties, so you never have to wonder if the online pictures and reviews are legit. I also have access to resources and connections through my travel network, who are there to assist me with making your vacation that much better.

What all can you book for me?

Everything! Flights, hotels, train tickets, excursions, dinner reservations, transfers--you name it. I will say the only exception sometimes to this is flights and that depends on the route we go with booking. Many clients do book their own flights. If that’s the case, I will do all the research on flight options and make it as easy as possible.

still have questions?

Are there additional charges besides the planning fee?  

Besides booking the components of your trip, ABSOLUTELY NOT. My upfront planning fee covers my services, and I charge nothing additional. I think there is a common misconception that travel advisors upcharge and tack on additional fees to vacation packages, but this is not the case. I always look for the best value I can find when it comes to the price of your vacation. I’m in no way trying to sneak in extra fees.

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